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CDC Labs - Platinum Global Sponsor

CDC Lab Teams at CDC Labs develop innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for the employees at small, medium and large organizations. We maintain close partnerships in our key focus areas such as cloud computing, IT service management, mobile applications development, process improvement, project delivery, executive coaching and employee development. In addition, our staffs maintain a high level of partner certifications, and expertise in the domains by attending trainings, workshops and conferences. Thus we ensure successful implementation in areas such as architecture project management, product development, application integration, cloud solutions and business intelligence. We also work with Startups where we share our experience to help them quickly go from Idea to MVP.

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Paxym Inc. - Platinum Global Sponsor

Paxym Paxym Inc., is a Software Services Provider, specializing in High Performance Multicore Software for Network and Security applications. The software services provided by Paxym Inc. helps their customers develop, maintain and upgrade their multi-gigabit throughput solutions with superior quality and stability. Coupled with deep expertise in low level SW, infrastructure tools, Kernels, Network & Security SW, Paxym enables the complete solution.

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Marz systems - Gold Global Sponsor

Marz systems The roots of Marz systems business are very old and go back to early 1920’s as Contractors and General Order Supplier for Allied Forces. Later as per demand of the hour, the business transformed into Civil Engineering and Construction. In 1991 the business further evolved and entered the IT arena and provided the Y2K readiness services to Corporates.

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Chealthci - Bronze Global Sponsor

ChealthciConnected Healthcare Initiative:Helps with Introduction, awareness and healthcare resources to help healthcare entities manage risks while leveraging connected healthcare resources and collaboration to enable and improve community health care.
CHCI Framework Benefits & Healthcare Training for Rural and Community Clinics.